PENSION choices 

If you want to explore all the options for releasing cash from your pension we will send you a PENSION choices report completely FREE of charge and without any obligation on your part.  If this sounds interesting we need you to complete 6 simple questions. If you don’t want to answer any questions we are happy to send you an information pack. You can receive your report by e-mail or post.  We are sure you will find the report both informative and helpful.

There is no requirement to talk to anyone as part of the Pension Choices process but we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Pension Choices Report Request

Description of your attitude to risk

NIL RISK - You do not want the value of your investments to fall and accept that while the value may not fall (although inflation may erode the value over the longer term) the value will not increase

LOW RISK - You are prepared to accept that the value may fall but would like to see some increase in the value of the investment. You are most likely to want to invest in cash and bonds with a few higher risk investments such as shares.

MEDIUM RISK - You are prepared to accept that the value of your investments may fall but are looking for higher returns on the investment. You are most likely to want to invest in a balanced mix of cash and bonds with a higher mix of investments in shares.

HIGH RISK - You are looking to maximise the returns on your investments and are prepared to take losses on some investments. You are most likely to invest solely in shares.

How confident are you?

VERY - I have other pension plans that I will use to provide my income in retirement and feel these arrangements are sufficient for my needs.

REASONABLY BUT CAUTIOUS - I will need an income from my current pension arrangements and will be relying on these pensions as part of my income.

REASONABLY BUT CONCERNED - I believe my arrangements are sufficient but have concerns I may run out of money in retirement.

NOT VERY - I am looking for a secure income that will provide me with a guaranteed income for the rest of my life.

STATE PENSION WILL BE SUFFICIENT - I believe the State Pension will be sufficient for my needs in retirement.

Income from your pension

NO NEED FOR AN INCOME - I do not need a fixed income immediately, however i would like the flexibility to take an income and/or lump sums when i need them.

I NEED AN INCOME - I need an income immediately and would like to ensure this income is guaranteed for the rest of my life.

I WANT TO PUT OFF TAKING AN INCOME - I would like to put off taking an income from my pension until a later date.

Death Benefits

NOT VERY - I am not concerned about leaving my pension fund to any of my loved ones on my death.

SLIGHTLY - It would be good to think my loved ones could benefit from my pension fund when I die.

VERY CONCERNED - It is very important to me that my loved ones are looked after when I die and that my pension fund can be passed down on my death.



In order to provide you with specific advice and recommendations, we need to obtain details about your existing pensions.  This is achieved by authorising Albion Pensions to contact your existing pension provider to obtain the relevant information from them.  You will find the relevant document in the pack we send to you.  Any information we obtain will be treated in the strictest of confidence in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

What will you get in your PENSION choices report?

Providing you know the value of your pension funds or have a rough idea, we can tell you:

  • How to minimise the tax you pay
  • How to maximise the cash you receive
  • How to maximise your income
  • How to protect your dependents and loved ones

We will check the open market to find the best value pension available to you.  You can compare this with your existing pension company to see if you can achieve a better lifetime income.

If you like what you read and would like to find out more, we will gather specific information about your pensions and your circumstances.  We can then put forward detailed proposals and recommendations for you to consider.

You are never under any obligation to go ahead with any of our recommendations and you never pay a penny unless you agree to our recommendations.